Alex Castaneda – Barcelona Spain


I met Alex through Edu Munoz. He fucking ripped. Shit, all of the Spaniards I met ripped. I was lucky enough to film a couple of lines of Alex while I was hurt on our trip to Barcelona. From 2002.

In and Out




Finally imported some photos into my library that were stored on some DVD’s a long time ago. They were shot with my old Powershot SD400. I was surprised at the quality…it wasn’t that bad for 5.0 megapixels. Here’s a photo where I poached Mehring’s flashes using the Powershot SD400 from back in the day.

Jerry Hsu, Top Rope, 2006

Checked how much an SD400 was on Ebay, $30! That’s a few beers,a piece of sushi, and a bottle of sake. So I picked one up with a ‘But it Now‘ and it showed up at my doorstep 2 days later. It was fun dedicating an ode to the old photo blogging this weekend. Hitting the town, going skating with scummies, and getting on the boat with a TURD.

Canon SD400. Mucho Tinies.

The Death of the old SD400 in 2006

Fall Down