About Me

travel bloggerHi. I’m Samantha Thomas. Welcome to my Travel and Adventure blog. I used to be a lawyer. Now, I tell stories through my travels around the world. Five years ago, I quit my job as a corporate attorney to visit San Jose, California. I thought I would take a rest from the law, making that San Jose trip into an around-the-world adventure. I started this site to share photos and stories from my year of traveling.


Instead of returning to my home in North America and the law, this site grew into a new career. The food turned into my obsession, and my way to connect with others in a new place. Learning about food helped me navigate my travels with so much fun.


On my blog, I share the lessons I have learned in my many years of travel, as well as resources for people wanting to try something exciting in their trip. I don’t sugarcoat and post fluff pieces. As my travels have evolved, so has this site.


Driven by curiosity, guided by respect.


I described myself as an adventurer, tourism development professional, world traveler, and storyteller. My passions: travel, adventure, and food. And yes, I do believe there is a common thread woven between them all.


This site remains, most of all, a place to tell stories. I hope you enjoy it!




I started this site particularly as a travel blog for my family and friends. After saving money while working as a lawyer for five years, I quit my job in 2011. I planned to travel the world for a year and then come back to the law. I figured it might be fun for individuals who knew me to go along for the ride online.


Until now, I have yet to return to the practice of law. This deviation was a bit of a fortunate accident because I never expected sharing my travels to become my job. But eventually, the site’s popularity grew, and the stuff I worked on multiplied with the new audience. What started as just fun activity has evolved into an exciting work in travel storytelling.


I love to help people find the confidence to travel the world. On this site, you’ll find countless resources on everything from solo travel to packing guides from photography tips to discovering scrumptious foods.


You can contact me here. Happy exploring!