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The Most Amazing Man in the World

Posted on : Apr 18 2011

This amazing body art belongs to one of my favorite peoples. The dude is legendary. He can remember everything about all of our party timez from years ago. In case I need to recollect what I did a few years back during some party, I ask him. I am sure he can recall every night of every photo on this site if he was there. The mother fucker is also a musical genius, but he will not admit it.  I would not be surprised if this tat was applied during a sober moment in his life. Just like all things that need water and sun to survive, he needs coors lights or budweisers or modelos or tecates. Don’t fuck with his friends or family, because he’ll fuck you up. Never swollen either, hangovers do not exist in his world. My brother, G-Juan.



Posted on : Feb 10 2011

I believe I had this gallery up before.  Well it’s not up anymore so it’s up again. I went riding with these dudes last weekend who really had a lot to say about feet. Especially when it came down to business time and if they would actually get in if the feet were ugly. I don’t care about feet. They don’t bother me and I can’t spot ugly ones.  This gallery came out of drunken nights and other days because I think subconsciously, I like feet.

3 day drinking binge and a tattoo gun.

Posted on : Aug 10 2010

Yes. Another photo of Meat Mool drinking. I like drinking. I don’t know if I am an p1010159_1130 alcoholic. I don’t want to be. I can be without booze. It’s just fun and tastes great. Anyways, I have been known to binge. Shit, I used to do it all of the time from when I was 18 until…I guess now. Drinking two days in a row is all I am limited to now because of the whole “real world” thing I got going on. Plus, I can only drink two days in a row now because it is all my body and brain can handle until I become so tired and depressed that I just want to lay in a bed for an entire day and night to recover.

I like this photo a lot because it comes from 4/20/2009 and little Cavan has a wife beater on. Meat Mool, Matt, Anna Banana, and myself had a great 3 day drinking binge for the 4/20 holiday. It was a lot of fun. Called in sick to work two days in a row. Bro downed a lot with those fucker in those 3 days. There is just something about substance abuse and doing it with others. It makes you close. The unfortunate part of the three day binge was that there was a bald jewish black guy around with a tattoo gun who was willing to give anyone a tattoo no matter how drunk they were. I got two. Well gave myself one and then got another. Yeah tight huh….fuck you.

I hope not to do 3 day drinking binges anymore unless I am on vacation. Well, we’ll see about that.

Rudy the Unicorn

Posted on : Aug 03 2010

79_img1472 Awwww…..The Mansion. Best times of my life. Go to bed when the sun is coming up, wake up at 3pm, skate, go to the bar and do it all over again. The Mansion has come a long way since the times of Prom Parties, 18 packs of Bud at 1:59am and lighting shit on fire.  Sweet Lou manned up and bought that mother fucker. I am sure that 80 percent of the pictures on this site are from that time. It’s pretty awesome that I can still drop by and have a beer on the porch. Not too many houses last as long as The Mansion has. If you never got a chance to experience The Mansion in it’s prime, you missed out on an epic era in San Jose. Many-a-scumby has lived in it’s walls and who knows, with Lou owning it, many more will still reside.

This pic is from a clip in Bonus Round. I can’t remember if it’s on the Real side or B-Side. The Renegade! It hit San Jose like a bad case of herpes when Caswell brought it back from the East Coast. I remember Larry had just gotten back from some Volcom trip. He directed us all outside of the Mansion and said, “Watch this shit, you guys are going to be hyped.” POW! Popped that fucking Tecate with his thumb and shotgunned that shit. The Renegade was a definite bonus for my last summer residing at the Mansion.