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Do’s and Don’ts When Traveling

When traveling, there’s a lot of things going inside your mind, and you might just not think of some things that you should not do. Sometimes you’ll feel overwhelmed and have no clue what to do or see. 


So, to guide you in your travels and make the most out of your journey, here are things you should do and not do when traveling! Remember, strive for authenticity, and avoid things that you can do back home and dive deeper into the rich culture that surrounds you.





  • Stay in multiple locations



No two areas are the same, so to ensure you experience different things on your trip, stay in different towns of the country as well. There’s always a different story wherever you go – diverse crowd, architecture, cultures, and so on. There may be areas of the place that’s rich with amazing beaches, but the other part can offer you so much greenery and captivating mountains. Not only does your money go further, but your experiences do, too.



  • Make friends with the locals 


Foreign Travel Safety DOs and DON'Ts

There is no better way of fully experiencing a place than having a genuine connection with the locals, but this must be done with you, always being cautious. Talking to the locals and learning a few words or phrases from them, such as “good morning” or “thank you,” is a polite way of showing them that you are interested in their culture. Through this, you don’t just meet new friends but also have fun learning a new language.



  • Be spontaneous



Maybe you have a well-planned, tight schedule already for your travels, but it’s always better to leave some space for you to deviate from such plans. Doing such can let you experience one of the best things in life, not knowing what will happen, who you meet, and how things can change are some of the exciting prospects of traveling. 



  • Try local food



Some local cuisines truly make you wonder, and no matter how mysterious they are, don’t be afraid to try them. Remember, gaining new and unusual experiences is an essential aspect of traveling, and one of the most straightforward ways you can achieve this is through food. When traveling, don’t go looking for the food you’re used to, instead, delve deeper into the streets and discover flavors you never knew existed. You might just have your new favorite along the way!





  • Skip travel insurance



Although we all hope that we don’t have to use travel insurance, it’s a must for us to be prepared. Always better to be safe than sorry, right? Especially if you’re one of the adventurous travelers who like to try activities such as hiking, watersports, or even things like bungee jumping or skydiving. To be in a foreign hospital is already stressful enough, so don’t add up to that by skipping travel insurance, which can cost you a massive bill. Be sure to check out for agencies that cover everything from sporting injuries to thefts.



  • Litter



This should be something you must not do everywhere, even though you see locals or other tourists just dropping garbage on the ground. This is highly disrespectful and can harm the environment. Learn to leave the place you’re staying in as clean or even cleaner as they were when you first arrived or what they say, “leave no trace.” One way you can also prevent littering is to use a refillable water bottle instead of always buying a new one that you’ll just dispose of right away or use a cloth tote bag when buying stuff so that you don’t have to use plastics.



  • Stay glued to your phone



Traveling certainly makes you want to capture all the memories throughout your trip and share them with your family and friends. However, don’t let this be the reason why you’re always on your phone. You should stop staring at your screen and live in the moment, enjoy the experience itself. If you’re too absorbed in your phone, you’re missing out on what’s happening around you and not fully experiencing the locals, the beauty of the place you’re in. So, don’t forget to put down your phone once in a while. 



  • Indulge in animal tourism



Maybe you’ve seen those photos on social media where travelers sit and enjoy while on top of an elephant or stroking a tiger relaxing. But, you should know that animal tourism has its dark sides, as well and you can learn more about them if you search them up. However, you can still enjoy looking at exotic animals in the wild by looking into refutable safari companies, nature preserves, and areas where tourist revenue is used to help support the ecosystem and the animals living in it.




To have a better experience in one place, I hope this list goes along with you as you go around and discover the world. Have fun, but don’t forget to be responsible and cautious, as well! 

I described myself as an adventurer, tourism development professional, world traveler, and storyteller. My passions: travel, adventure, and food. And yes, I do believe there is a common thread woven between them all.