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The Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World

Traveling can sometimes cost us a lot of money due to expensive flights and accommodations for our destination. The budget can be sort of a hindrance for anyone who loves to travel and if you’re worried about this, you shouldn’t, because there are still cheap destinations for you. Now, when we talk cheap, this doesn’t degrade the beauty of the place. In fact, these places offer both beauties with affordability and value for money. 


So, wondering where you can visit next and not worry too much about your budget? Well, here are the top 4 cheapest travel destinations for you!



  • Vietnam


Vietnam beautiful destinations

This country offers incredible value despite its booming economy and there are many parts of Vietnam that you can discover. You may want to visit the northern provinces of Ha Giang and Tam Coc as an amazing alternative to the crowded and more expensive Ha Long Bay. There’s also Phong Nha, an incredible adventure tourism hotspot and a place for you if you want to see the world’s largest caves. You should not miss out on Da Nang as well. Enjoy the city’s beautiful sandy beaches, spectacular Marble Mountains, and the gorgeous view from the Ba Na Hills. And that’s not all, the city is also rich in history, museums, and architecture.


Touring and eating around this country does not cost you a lot, too. Eat local and you won’t find yourself spending too much, even a few dollars can get you really good food. And if you’re fond of beer, locally brewed beers cost only for $0.20 per glass. Lastly, for your accommodations, hotel rooms start as little as $10 and that gets you a clean and comfortable place to stay already. 



  • Mexico


Beach Destinations Mexico

Thinking of a cheap destination in America? Then, Mexico will be perfect for you. This place has a wealth of culture and adventure you can experience for yourself. You can start touring from the buzzing city of Mexico and get with the locals down to Oaxaca and Chiapas states then, ending on the Yucatan Peninsula. And if you’re looking for the perfect sandy beaches with good nightlife at an affordable price, the city of Cancun is definitely here for you. Here, you can stay in the zone along the beach in a cheap hotel room, one that is clean and comfortable.


This destination has also a diverse and delicious cuisine, friendly local people, and all the amenities you’re looking for in an intoxicating vibe Mexico. It’ll also shock you with great value. Enjoy tacos for 30 cents each, a kilo of fresh prawns from the fish market at $3, Coronas with a slice of lime for only $1.50, and strong margaritas you can sip by the beach for only a dollar each. 



  • Turkey


top-rated turkey tourist destinations

Located between East and West and once home to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, Turkey’s a great cultural destination – you’ll find and be amazed by the Roman ruins, cave cities, buzzing bazaars, and the plenty Mediterranean beaches. In addition, there are many great friendly people and an intoxicating Islamic culture and architecture. This country also attracts visitors with amazing and exciting cities such as Istanbul and Antalya. You can enjoy city life in Istanbul and beautiful beaches by Antalya. You can dive into the blue waters of Turkey’s “Turquoise Coast” and the variety of waterfalls which certainly gives Turkey its splash appeal.


The value of money will shock you in Turkey, with your $5, you can eat delicious meals of traditional Turkish food. Their portions are even served so massive that you can share the meal and cost. While on the street, tasty kebabs are only for a couple of dollars and you can get a lovely guest house room for under $20 per night. To see more of the Islamic culture and architecture, you can visit mosques which only cost you $10 to enter or you can just find and visit mosques where you can enter for free.



  • Philippines


Travel destinations philippines

For those who don’t know, the Philippines has long been considered a cheap vacation destination while offering you good quality activities, food, and accommodations. With over 7000 islands, you’re presented with many options where you can enjoy the amazing tropical beaches. It’s a culturally fascinating place, with a mix of Asian and Spanish or US colonial influences, incredible ancient rice terraces in the north, and amazing nature. Though Palawan is overrated and a little pricey, you can also discover more of the less crowded areas like Cebu, Bohol, and Siquijor. These places offer wonderful falls, clear waters and sugary white beaches, and great areas for hiking. 


The Filipinos are one of what truly makes the Philippines good to visit, they are the most cheerful and friendliest people you’ll ever meet! For the accommodations, a bed in a hostel dorm far from the capital city will cost you around $7. A good three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant cost around $7 as well and the country is rich in street foods costing from a dollar or two. Lastly, if you wanna enjoy drinking beer or coffee, they both cost under $2 each and you can quench your thirst for 30 cents each. 




Who said traveling can’t be cheap? You have many options where you can travel next without letting your budget hurt you and we hope our list has helped you. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy every bit of your money and have a good time in these cheap travel destinations!

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