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Top Breathtaking Places You Must Visit

The world, without a doubt, has many beautiful places. These places range from magnificent natural wonders to mind-blowing, architectural structures around the world. We are truly blessed with various stunning locations perfect for travel. 


So, do you have a list already of where you want to go? Or maybe you would like to add more destinations to your list? We introduce you to the top 4 breathtaking places you should never miss out on your list of the best travel destinations.



  • Santorini, Greece


Oia Santorini Greece

If you’re someone who enjoys the view of the sea and wants to go swimming in blue, clear waters, Santorini Island is the perfect place for you. There’s not only the cobalt sea you can enjoy but also the gorgeous whitewashed houses and historic towns along the cliff tops. Plan a trip and stay now in the famous village, Oia, for some unforgettable experiences. At this village awaits you the best views of the bright blue Aegean Sea.


What else does Santorini offer? This place is also known for its incredible view of sunsets. It is a magical sight that will genuinely leave you spell-bounded when the sun goes down. You can also visit volcanoes on the island and relax in the healing waters of hot springs. And lastly, taste the unique products the island produces. Visit a local tavern and taste local dishes such as fava and melitzanosalata.



  • Machu Pichu, Peru


trip to Machu Picchu

This may be a pretty common destination but there are many good reasons why you must visit this place once in your lifetime. If you want to learn more about history and architecture, Machu Pichu offers them to you. Not only does it teach you many things, the ancient terraced city’s astounding architecture and sweeping views of the surrounding mountains will also totally leave you breathless. 


If you’re also fond of hiking, this place is suited just for you. You can hike up to the Peruvian mountain ridge and see the peak of Inca civilization. And another great thing to do when you hike is to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and tour to some of their historical ruins. There are also temples you can visit, which requires more time to hike.



  • Iceland


iceland travel tips

There are certainly a lot of reasons why you should visit Iceland. One main reason is to enjoy the Blue Lagoon, located southwest of Reykjavik. This lagoon’s trademark color is from the silica-rich waters that feed it. Here, you can get spa treatments in the lava landscape since the geothermal water is excellent for your skin, too. Another reason why you must not miss out on Iceland is seeing the Northern Lights and witnessing the world unraveling its wonders. This is one of the most beautiful sights you can see on earth, but to increase your chances of catching these lights with your eyes, you should head out of town, away from electric lighting and disturbance of the city. Don’t worry about not seeing one directly. Going for a northern light hunting can be thrilling, and finally seeing it would be worth it.


To enjoy more of Iceland’s abundant nature, you can also go whale watching. You have higher chances of spotting magnificent sea giants since the ocean around Iceland provides ideal living conditions for over twenty species of whales. And you also can’t let a day pass in Iceland without enjoying the New Nordic Cuisine. They fish, farm, and gather on a volcanic island resulting in somewhat strange preparation of ingredients but truly loved by the locals.



  • Bagan, Myanmar



Located at the heart of Myanmar, Bagan is an archaeological area and ancient city. It is made up of thousands of Buddhist temples and pagodas, and it’s a true haven for those who enjoy breathtaking architecture. Most of these temples date back to the 12th and 11th centuries, which creates an incredibly beautiful look at the country’s past. The natural sight of the place is excellent, too. You can wake up early for a beautiful sunrise, and to get a better experience of this, Bagan offers hot air balloon rides. These balloons have become an iconic symbol of the region and have carried many travelers on soaring adventures of a lifetime. 


So, what else can you do in Bagan? You can get in touch with the locals and shop for their crafts at Mboutik, in this way, you’re also supporting the community. The money you spend on your purchases goes back to the community, so you’re money is going to a good cause. Another thing that you can do in Bagan is to rent and ride a bicycle while exploring it, not only is it cheap but you’re helping lessen the carbon emissions as well. 




May you enjoy a trip more on waters, mountains, or historical places, the world has something to offer for everyone. Its richness will never disappoint you, all you need to do now is cross-off a destination on your list, start packing, and enjoy one great vacation!

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